Griffpatch's 3D Laser Tag v0.7-2

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This game is a multiplayer cloud based 3d FPS game (as such 'new scratchers' will not be able to connect). IF YOU CAN'T CONNECT, THEN CLOSE ALL BROWSER WINDOWS AND TRY AGAIN!!!

Controls WASD to move Arrow Keys to look around
Space to jump C to crouch
E or V to shoot M to swap to mouse control
T to enter safe chat -> Enter to send

Just a note to 'New Scratchers', I'm sorry but you will not be able to play until you graduate as 'Scratchers' - For more information you can look at:

Notes and Credits

Multiplayer racing -

17 Dec 2-14 - v0.7 - Updated the multiplayer code with changes from
my stability improvements from my retro racing
11 Dec 2014 - v0.6d - Altered the map a little ;)
27 Feb 2014 - v0.6c - Auto Res deactivates after 10 seconds -
Health slowly replenishes, but being hit does
more damage. Added death notifications...
26 Feb 2014 - v0.6b - Auto Resolution Detection - See what you
think - I wanted to try to make slower PCs
auto adjust...
22 Feb 2014 - v0.6 - Safe chat! Press 'T' to talk... enter text, press
up and down arrows to select, and enter to
send the message :) - Taking suggestions for
things to be able to say!
21 Feb 2014 - v0.5 - Time to try out a larger map and see if we can
push things a little! Let me know if you think
this map is more or less fun, too laggy?
17 Feb 2014 - Oh :( - We're off the front page... I tried to keep the
game as non-violent as possible, just sticking
with laser tag so that there'd be more chance of
it being allowed, but ah well! Sorry about that
because it means less people will be online
playing it... and an empty multiplayer game is
pretty boring! *sob*
16 Feb 2014 - v0.4b - Fixed network code fps lag bug, improved
Network code efficiency. tried to introduce better
enemy occlusion (behind walls) - except i've
done something wrong because I just saw
someone through the wall! ;)
14 Feb 2014 - noticed I've introduced a bug that half the maximum
Fps :/ I will try to fix that soon!
14 Feb 2014 - v0.4 - New Custom Map! ;) Yay! - Reworked some
of the networking so it now supports lower &
uppercase usernames.
13 Feb 2014 - v0.3c - Think I fixed the odd appearing disappearing
random character! *phew*
13 Feb 2014 - v0.3b - Added mouse control (press M to toggle)
12 Feb 2014 - v0.3 - Upped player limit to 8 players, you can now
shoot and hit other players, when your health
hits 0 you get a 10 second timeout.
12 Feb 2014 - v0.2b - Added bitmap font for player tags & gun flash +
preparing for gun interactions + fixed other player
rotation jitter...
11 Feb 2014 - v0.2 - Added laser tag gun :) - E to shoot, but you can't
hit anyone yet...
11 Feb 2014 - v0.1 - Initial Draft of multiplayer code, ported from
Multiplayer platform fun game. Did I do it right?

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