VOID - a pen platformer

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Notes and Credits

----- VOID: a pen platformer -----
For as long as you can remember, you've lived in the Void, a plane of existence separate from all the worlds. Life was predictable and steady there for thousands of years.
But one day, something changed, and it wasn't good. The Void is no longer a predictable haven. It is an enemy.
You need to escape, before it's too late.

Arrow keys - move/jump
R - restart (if you get stuck in a wall, for example)

Brown lines are solid.
Red lines are death.
Green lines bounce you (as in, you have to BOUNCE on them).
Dark beige lines hide you from red.

Note: there may be some tricks in this game.

----- NOTES -----
Some "100% pen" projects actually use a hidden costume to perform the collision detection. Not this one! This project is truly 100% pen: collision detection is completely data-based. There are no costumes. No <touching color []> blocks are used at all. Press See Inside and investigate the code if you don't believe me.
I updated my pen engine from Dark Trial (a previous pen platformer), optimizing the drawing mechanism and reducing the number of essential custom blocks. I've also added a 100% pen fade-in/out effect upon death or advancing to the next level, as well as a simple player walk cycle (also 100% pen).
Please love and favorite if you enjoyed. I spent a lot of time on this project. (The ending's a bit rushed, though, because after awhile I really wanted to finish this.)
12/20/2017: My most popular non-front-paged project!

----- CREDITS -----
~90% me (most coding, graphics, idea)
10% @-Rex- for his amazing PTE (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/172111618/)

Inspiration was taken from various other pen platformers.

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