Jetpack Joyride

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This game was on another one of my profiles, I'm just sharing it on here too.
EVERYTHING was drawn by me and that took a long time!
So make sure to leave a ❤ and ★


///////////////////////WELCOME TO JETPACK JOYRIDE//////////////////////
This is my remake of the famous game Jetpack Joyride!
Simply hold space to fly and let go to fall.
Avoid anything that comes your way except for coins.
Press down arrow to REDUCE LAG!
Press up arrow to see your score, coins on the left, and distance at the middle, the highscore is at the right.

Q & A

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One view about every six second?!?! - October 6
Approximately an average of 130 views an hour as of 5th October!

Credit it Halfbrick for the original amazing game!!!
Foot Steps Sound Effect from Foley Sound
The song is by Light year away - Melrose At Midnight, shortened by me. for most of the other sound effects.

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