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Notes and Credits

Featured 3/12/17 Thanks Scratch Team and @appleapple22 for suggesting this project!

## Walkthrough

## Read Me
Parallax is a puzzle platformer with a blue dimension and an orange dimension. This twist will hopefully provide a fun and captivating experience. Good luck – it is a bit tricky!

P.S. Please try out the Editor! I spent a lot of time on it

## Instructions
Arrow keys or WASD
Spawn at gray orb
Exit at black orb

## Editor
Please post custom levels in this forum thread:

To copy the level code, stop the project and click 'see inside'. Copy the code directly from the game screen.

## Credits
In game;
Some credits in the Changelog (scroll down)

## Notes
Graphics: Inkscape

- - -

## Changelog

5/7/18 - New thumbnail
9/12/17 - 1 new level + timer and death count [version 1.0, no longer a work in progress]
6/12/17 - 2 new levels
5/12/17 - Fixed level code bug, thanks to @LuckyNumber_13
4/12/17 - 2 new characters: Joel of East and Sunny of West. Credits to @LonelyKitten
3/12/17 - Player jumps slightly lower, due to apparent glitch some users have
2/12/17 - Initial release after 2 months development

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