DataBattles (v1.2 Patch 5 *Compressed*)

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Patch 4:
-Fixed MAJOR glitches
-Fixed Potion Usage Glitch
-Fixed enemy leveling
-Increase Exp gained
-Updated catching system making it more easier/reasonable

Okay so I'm kinda calling it quits right now, to instead focus on other programs, so my next upload might not be for a while. (Sorry to those waiting for Radar Adventure, I still have to polish it abit)

-=Data Monsters=-
You can set a primary monster by clicking the "disk folder" icon on the menu. Your primary monster is the one you use to battle. You can change it anytime to any newly caught monsters in order to train up your party or take advantage of the tactic system (water>fire, etc) You can have up to 6 monsters.

-=Catching/Training Monsters=-
In wild sections like , caves, lakes, etc., there is a "search wild" button. Click this to enter a wild battle to train/collect monsters. To capture monsters, you need to buy a "data disc" from the mart in order to save their data on them. The Max level is 15. Beating an elite (see below) or wild monster will earn you some money, and give your monster more exp.

There are 3 elite trainers in the game. Beat them in order to gain an elite badge. Collect all 3 to win the DM3lite championship and win the most powerful dm in the game.

Tactic Chart:
rock> fire

*Before you say, I was originally spelling it "disk," as in floppy disk, but I changed my mind way half way through and wanted to make it that you save them on a "disc," as in DVDs, ect. Didn't think it was worth fixing that, so don't bother pointing it out.

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