Halloween Stamp Editor ハロウィン・スタンプ・エディタ

See inside

Click the green flag 緑の旗をクリックしてください
When you have finished drawing, press "n" or "t" several times to make the stamp to the blank costume (Costume 0) or completely transparent so that you don't have to stamp unwanted stamp when you press the red button.

space スペース: clear the stage 全面消去
clickクリック: stamp the selected costume コスチュームをスタンプ
b: background 背景切り替え
n: next costume 次のコスチューム
r: rotate 回転
t: transparent 透明
o: opaque 不透明
c: clear graphic effects 画像効果をなくす
↑, ↓: size サイズ変更
→, ←: color 色変更

Notes and Credits

Feel free to remix, replace the costumes and backgrounds with your original art, adjust any part to your taste, and make it your stamp editor! Or make everything from scratch. The coding is quite simple. Enjoy drawing by stamping!
Drawing samples サンプル画像:

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