The 10 Dishes of Christmas

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Christmas time is here again! Time for a get-together party with Cap and the gang! It's gonna be fantastic! The decorations are great, the table is set, and the guests are waiting for the chef to arrive!

And boy, does the chef have a surprise for them!

Based off the popular Christmas song: The 12 Days of Christmas. I only made it food-related, and shortened it a little bit. Also inspired by that really old VeggieTales song, the 8 Polish Foods of Christmas (or something like that).

Warning; This animation is around 3-4 minutes long!

Well, this animation was kind of an experiment; not one of my usual animations. I think that, altogether, it turned out pretty good and funny! Tell me how you like it in the comments!

By the way, apologies in advance if you have a slow computer. This animation might not be for you, as it will PROBABLY lag. Sorry. I just make my animations with a lot of assets. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEAAAAASE don't comment one of the following things: "It doesn't load" or "The timing is off". Please. I beg you. Spare me from the spam I'm already destined to get.

Notes and Credits

I made the lyrics and sang the whole song! Yes, that song is entirely by me! I also made all of the art! It's probably the best art I ever made :P

And yeah, all of the dishes are popular foods during Christmastime. ALL of them. Yeah. Look it up. It's true. If you've watched this, you know what I'm talking about.

@Captian_Cheese --- Song
soundbible --- Sound effects
VeggieTales --- Inspiration
flamingtext --- Thumbnail text

Okay, fine, "bottles of egg nog" should technically be "cartons of egg nog", but do you think I care?

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