We Don't Talk ll Meme

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OC used: Jonah
YES. I can draw things other than cats and dogs.
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Jonah has a great deal of anxiety, mostly about himself and what his friends think about him. He often takes what his friends say or act around him very personally. He wants nothing more to make those he cares about happy. If they feel sad, upset, or goodness forbid angry, Jonah blames this entirely on himself, even if he has nothing to do with it. He deems his own value as a person on how his friends feel. A very unhealthy behavior but he is very blind to it. He constantly vies for his friends attention. This worked well in high-school as many kids main focus was their social life. However as everyone got older they graduated, went off to college or even where considering start families. They found Jonah's constant calls and texts very annoying. Making Jonah feel even worse about himself. Eventually they just faded out of his life. The first friend to leave him was his childhood friend Grayson. They had been best friends since kindergarten. However as they got older there interests changed, they both where going through their own ordeals, especially Grayson. Grayson realized they had grown out of their friendship. He was fine with that and moved on with his life. Jonah was left very panicked about it and surrounded himself with his friends even more. He has no idea what to do now they are gone. He seemed to lose the popularity and socializing skills he had from high-school. He came to the conclusion that he had nothing without his friends. A few years later he ran into Grayson at a grocery store. Jonah was very excited to see an old friend while Grayson didn't share his enthusiasm. This was one of the first things he noticed about his friend. His sheer lack of emotion. His voice was way more deadpan then he remembered it and Grayson just appeared cynical and bitter about everything. Jonah felt terrible and like he had let this happen. Even though Grayson promised he was fine and didn't need and/or want help Jonah swore he'd help anyway. Jonah became friends with Grayson again, even if Grayson totally ignored this fact and just ignores him in general. Jonah takes it into his own hands and often invites himself over to watch a movie, refusing to be deterred by Grayson's constant harsh insults and comments. At the end of the he is just alone trying to help a someone who doesn't even want it. At the end of the day, he needs to learn to live with himself.

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