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\ \ \ \ \ \ \ Welcome to Infinite, an endless game by @teal08 / / / / / / /
I haven't seen an endless game that uses the infinity symbol anywhere so I'd thought I'd make one....

\ Instructions \
(they're in the project, but I'll put 'em here anyway)
- Change the colour (or color) of the ball to make it the same colour as the oncoming barrier in order to successfully go through the barrier.
- And like any good endless game, repeat until you mess up.
- Please don't just comment your score. Please
Because I don't want a comment section filled with just numbers.
Say something else (relevant) along with a number if you want to
say your score

\ Controls \
(also in project, with some very helpful diagrams in the ? button)
- [W][A][S][D] / [I][J][K][L] / [arrow keys] Change colour of the ball to

\ Credits \
(also in project)
Code - 100% @teal08
Graphics* - 100% @teal08
Music - 100% @teal08 using beepbox.co
SFX made using Chiptone

\ Updates \
- Shared 26 Sep 2017
- 1 Oct 2017 -
- Made additional barriers pop up because I feel particularly evil
- Reset the highscore

\ Remix Ideas \
- Change the four colours of the ball & barriers to your four favourite colours (make sure to say somewhere what key changes the ball to which colour)
- Put in some better music XD

\ Notes \
- Top loved 1 Oct 2017
- Top remixed 5 Oct 2017
- Since you've actually read this far, I'll give you a little tip, The barriers only detect the colour of the ball upon first contact with the ball. Use it to your advantage ;)

*You may have noticed the four colours look suspiciously like the colours used in the entry challenge for Design Duel 4. They're close, but not close, if you know what I mean.

- Sneak " _:))_ " into your comment is a) you've read this far and b) you got a score of 27 because you weren't expecting the 3rd barrier ;)

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