The Middle Of Starting Over Completed M.A.P. !

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✿ ✰ ◈ ℐȵ ȶħᶓ Ɱḭȡȡlᶓ ỡẜ Ȿȶąᵲȶḭȵğ Ỡⱴ℮ℝ M Ɑ ℙ ◈ ✰ ✿

I do NOT recommend full screen. That's because when you watch it in full screen, there's this one part that's really glitchy and finishes early and makes the whole rest of the project off-timed. I don't know if it'll happen to you, but it happened to me. If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me in the comments! It would be a great help!
I'm soooooo sorry for not being able to share this earlier! Everyone was waiting for, what, 3-4 months?
I'm just glad it's done now. I owe a BIG thanks to everyone who participated in this M.A.P.! I think it really turned out well, thanks to everyone's effort. I don't know how to thank you all enough! *HUGS*
Here's the list of parts and who made each part:
Part 1 (intro)- @z1z123
Part 2- @Starry-Owl (me)
Part 3- @jd76
Part 4- @Purplekitten22
Part 5- @EveningWaves
Part 6- @Pylar
Part 7- @SeraphinaBlaze
Part 8- @_bumble
Part 9- @Elephantsareawesome5
Part 10- @Koukla_20
Part 11- @-GalaxyDust-
Part 12- @ilovehamsters
Part 13 (outro) - @-Orangei-
You should check out everyone on this list because they are soooo great and such nice scratchers! This M.A.P. wouldn't have been like this without them!
So, basically, here's what I think this M.A.P. represents:
The song is all about starting over and creating a new beginning for yourself. That's why I thought it would be great to share it near New Year. That's because throughout the year, we've all been through ups and downs, and New Year is basically an opportunity to start over and make new experiences, do new things, etc.
I hope you all like it! If you really do, it would be great if you suggested it to be featured here:

Notes and Credits

I tested this on two browsers, Chrome and Safari, and the project works fine on both. However, if you find a glitch, tell me in the comments and I'll try to fix it!

@150qSuri, I'm sorry I couldn't use the part you made! It looked great! I don't know what was wrong with it, but once I put it the project, the whole thing was glitching and out of order. It would get really small. I had no idea how to fix it :( again, sorry

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