My Pokemon Plushies... REMASTERED

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Notes and Credits

Apparently over some time, I got more crew members. PLEASE NOTE some heights are not exact, while others I already measured.
Music- Nintendogs + Cats- Let's Go For A Walk! Daytime (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
Pokemon- Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures
Plushie Brands: Tomy, Pokedoll, Toy Factory
Fennekin: Got her for my 11th bday
Vulpix: Secret Santa present from my older cousin
Riolu: Made Principal's List for the first time in 6th grade
Raichu: Early 12th bday gift from friend at school
Mew: Gift from my 6th grade teacher
Hoopa: Bought w/ leftover bday money
Pikachu: Got him at 89th annual Lake County Fair
Treecko: My friend's brother didn't want it anymore, so I took it home. He let me, anyway.
Mega Lucario: My mom got it for me off Amazon, my dad found it in the garage, told my little bro to give it to me. My mom was saving it for me later on. #Blamethedad
Popplio: I got $10 for making principal's list... so I had $16... so my mom basically drove me to Walmart and I got the last Popplio in stock. Lucky me!
Blitzle: I got a $25 VISA Gift Card, so I purchased a Blitzle. It was supposed to come in 2 days even with standard shipping, but was delayed due to Columbus Day.
Shiny Drifloon: A sock plushie made by my closest friendo, @lycanrock-midnight_1
Ampharos: I made high honors, so I asked my mom to order this. The first half of waiting was when I was sick, but she finally came!
Alolan Vulpix: A Pokemon Center Vulpix sold at Walmart... and it's not a bootleg! (No pictures available yet)

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