Hᴀᴜɴᴛᴇᴅ -a platformer- v.2.7 [Cᴏʟʟᴀʙ]

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Notes and Credits (added by ScratcherOfWorld)

Welcome to Haunted, a platformer ! :D
Save @PackersRuleGoPack ! He is lost in a haunted house !
This project is a collaboration with @summeramazed and me :D !
His project : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/176196495/
Please love, favorite and follow me and @summeramazed !
Instructions :
★ [up arrow] : jump, climbs the ladder
★ [left arrow] : go to left
★ [right arrow] : go to right
★ [down arrow] : down some ladder
★ [p] : press a button, take a key, take TNT :D
★ [c] : enter the code
★ [k] : use the key
★ Save @PackersRuleGoPack before the music ends and lightning falls on the haunted house!
Notes :
★This project is a collaboration with @summeramazed :D Follow him, and love his project :
★It's a project for the contest of @PackersRuleGoPack :)
★Please love, favorite, and follow me and @summeramazed if you enjoy :D
★Thanks for 69 followers !
Credits :
★Thumbmail by @Apfelle !
★My intro by @Scratchy_User_123 !
★Music by @popoz12 and arranged by me !
★Sponsor : @Asterie
★Art : 80% by @summeramazed and 20% by me
★Programmation : 80% by me and 20% by @summeramazed
★This project is our entries for the contest of @PackersRuleGoPack !
★This project is loved and favorited by @SCRATCHERNUMBERONE !

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