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A funny animation. First step to watching it. Click the green sloth. next step, train your eyes to the square on the screen. Third step, laugh your heart out, and final step, is after you laughed your heart out give the project a heart, because he is in desperate need of one. (Maybe a star to?)


Notes and Credits

(Guys, I put this as my featured project because it was my first successful project, ignore my overreaction below. XD)

Can we get this TOP-LOVED!!!???

Oct 9 2017: 26 FAVS and 41 LOVES!!!!???

Sep 23 2017: Shared 30 min ago, and already has 5 loves!

Sep 24 2017: Wow, 12 favs and 18 loves! this is popular! Thanks everyone!

Oct 1 2017: 18 favs and 27 loves! thanks you guys!

CoolText for cool text in the thumbnail

ToadTV for kinda inspiring this animation (from his animations)

Some random dude who made the sad song at the end

and FATRAT for making the AWESOME music in the outro. :D

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