lf the world were 100 people...?

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Welcome to my Geographical Statistics Project!

This project was made to bring awerness to everyone living in our wonderful planet Earth. Go through the project - read the information - and really spend time considering the last question. Reply with your answers in the comments below!

The music is Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter! Matches the theme right? :DD

All the information and figures was from GOOD Data Magazine which made an amazing animated video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFrqTFRy-LU&t=27s This data is from Mar 14, 2016 so some parts won't be relateable to today so please don't comment anything to do with this... T-T

l spent about 15 hours on this project so l'd appreciate if you loved and favourited this project! Please report typos as you probably figured out by now that l am amazing at doing those! #DaSarcasm And if you agree with the message beind this project type up #MakeTheWordEqual in a comment below!

PS: Tysm for 550+ followers! :D

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Sequel = https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/177366429/

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