S65 - MOS 6502 Emulator

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=> The keyboard input in BASIC is broken, due to another update to scratch (and how it handles the keyboard). The other 2 Roms are games and should work fine.

This is an Emulator of a (virtual) Computer with a MOS 6502 as CPU. It is similar to computers like the VIC-20 or the Apple I.

Click on the ROMs on the left to load them.
Snake and Kwirk are Games that I have written myself (in Assembly!). They are both controlled with the arrow keys.

BASIC is derived from ehBasic by Lee Davison.
-Enter a Memory Size (20000 should be enough), then use it like any other Basic interpreter.
-Instructions here:
-The left arrow will serve as a "Break-Key".
-If you want to import instead of typing, press the 'Insert' Key. You can then enter a string, that will then be fed via the virtual keyboard.
Any '§' in the string will be treated as a Return/Newline.

Documentation and Tutorial on how to write your programs in assembly are over here :

If you experience lag, try it with phosphorus:

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