The Maze of Fungi Demo Version

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Use arrow keys to move. Grab the axe to destroy the mushroom, and use the key to get past the locked path. Pretty simple.

Notes and Credits

This was a Techyes Project designed to teach people about Fungi. I had lots of fun making it and the result was impressive. You move with the arrow keys. Touch signs to read them. Make sure to read all the signs so you don't have trouble answering the questions. The green circles with a ? on them will ask you a question about fungi. If you don't know the answer to a question, and you already read all the signs, you can look up some answers online. Somewhere in the level there is a poisonous mushroom, so you'll need to get an axe to chop it down. There is also a lock blocking the goal, so grab the key to get past it. Touch the rainbow circle to win! This is only a demo, so there is only one level, and I have decided to cancel the full version. Still, you will have fun nevertheless.

Finish the level in under 3 minutes! Push the T key to show the timer! (G to toggle it off)

Special thanks to:
Mrs. Ellinger,
Ms. Laye,
Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
and all you Scratchers out there for getting this Featured! Yeah!

This project won a "Special Recognition" Medal at a Film and Game Expo known as Visfest 2011.

9/22/11 FEATURED?!

You guys are awesome. I didn't intend for this project to be famous.

Remix this and make new levels! The little square guy has a few unused emotions!

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And this RPG game is awesome.

Off the front page... :P

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