The Lightless Days

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Welcome to The Lightless Days! :D
Play as the "dark" Scratch Cat in a dark world, where it is always night. Rescue your Scratchling, collect blue stars, and successfully go to the end!
★ Arrow Keys to move the character
★ Avoid Lava
★ Swim in Water
★ Mouse to interact with the background
★Development Time: 5 hours
★This project contains beautiful vector graphics

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@-Auron-: "Amazing work! These graphics are just awesome, I love all about it, great work with this amazing game =D"
@joshrawesome: "I really love the thumbnail and background art. Well done on the graphics!"
@AATPicchu: "Love it! The graphics and colors are beautiful, and it's really fun!"
@MrRaisin: "I love the movement animation and the vector art! Amazing job with lovely smooth gameplay! :D Keep it up!"
@SullyBully: "Wow! Great job! This is amazing! Totally @kevin_eleven_1234 worthy!"
@FUZZIE-WEASEL: "Awful game, WHO PUTS A FLAG RIGHT WHERE YOUR MOUSE IS!!! But nice game, love the background and level design ;-;"
Loved (/Faved) by:
★All designs/art by @SCRATCHERNUMBERONE
★Font: Montserrat (Ultra-Bold)
★Music: Immersed [Kevin Macleod]
★Heavily Inspired by @-Auron-'s platformer called "Linen"
★Inspired by @theChaotic @kevin_eleven_1234 @DarkLava @AgentQuirt
★Icons in the end by @Minimalion (who moved to @alphabetica)
★Fixed some glitches with the help of @Formulate
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