How To Train Your Dragon Map (Open)

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How To Train Your Dragon Map!
This was @playful-pony 's idea for the Dragonstone Studio
Every part is exactly 11.1 seconds. Have the Night Fury that flies across the screen play after your part. (Don't put the Night Fury sound)

Part 1: @playful-pony
Part 2: @TheGamingDino104
Part 3: @ArrowlineDragon
Part 4: @Bluemoon159
Part 5: @mycatloaf
Part 6: @Am_I_Alone
Part 7: @playful-pony
Part 8: @-CoolCoder-
Part 9: @funtimefoxy1984-1987
Part 10: @jaswu2080
Part 11: @mycatloaf
Part 12: @basakcesur
Part 13: @Am_I_Alone
Part 14: @BIRDIES7
Part 15: @itchy919
Part 16: @Pupppy
Part 17: @Night_999

Notes and Credits

Song is the "How To Train Your Dragon" theme song.

If you have a a character in the Dragonstone RP, feel free to use it in your part :)

You can take more than one part if not a lot of people are joining

You don't have to go all out. Just minimal animations like blinking or something are great. Doesn't all have to be in vector.

Note: for part 1, @playful-pony does not own Goldenfire or Rainstone art, @mycatolaf Drew them for @playful-pony . @playful-pony does own the concept for Goldenfire and Rainstone.

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