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Use Full Screen Mode if possible.

Left/ Right: Move
Up/ Down: Aim
Enter: Jump
Space: Shoot (depending on weapon you must hold it to charge)
1-9: Change weapon (if available)
I: Show weapon instruction

In "Time Trial" Mode you have to kill those evil Snow Golems as fast as possible. Using the Konami Code (= all Weapons) will disable Highscore.

In "Multiplayer" 2 or more players play in turns on the same computer. Try to kill all worms of the opposing team. After the use of a weapon, the turn usually ends. The colored circle indicates who's turn it is. The health bar (the hearts) indicate to which team a worm belongs.
The color of "Victory" at the end indicates, which team won.

If you experience bugs, please try to describe as detailed as possible what happened in which situation.

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