Bouncy Ninja

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✫ Bouncy Ninja ✫
It's been a while since you got some ninja training! Why don't you try this amusing minigame to keep your skills on point?

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and flip around in the air!

> Jump around taking out enemies with your katana!
> Don't let them shoot you with their throwing knives!
> Make sure not to land on your head! Ouch!
> Press Space to throw 2 shurikens!
> See how many ninjas you can defeat before they defeat you!

Don't you just love the physics? I think they're super cool tbh.

Notes and Credits

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Please love, follow, and comment your best score! Mine's 84.
Update: A sequel will be made! Thanks for all the support! :)
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Too hard? Try the HACKED version!

The Ninja:
The Ninja 2:
The Ninja 3:
The Ninja 4:

And no, this is not The Ninja 5. :P I'm still waiting to start on that. I know you've been wanting me to make it very badly, and I will, I'm just not ready yet. I need to think it all out before I start making it to make sure it turns out really good. Plus, I'm really bogged down with a bunch of other stuff atm, like school.

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