Hurricane Simulator

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How long can your Hurricane last? Press start and find out! When your wind reach 0, you lost!down arrow to hide the stats, up arrow to show them.
0.0.0 Press start and watch your Hurricane grow!

0.0.1 Minor bug fixes and it is now easy(er) to grow your Hurricane

0.1.2 Minor bug fixes

1.2.3 Hurricane Simulator is out of the testing stage with more stats, like the Name, and the winds! Plus Updated graphics!

1.3.5 More stats with the Longest time surived stat!

2.0.0 Hurricane Simulator is out of beta stage! Bringing MAJOR bug fixes, SUPER easy to become a Hurricane! Plus, the power boost, that give you 150 more power when you need it!

2.2.0 You can change sesons!

2.2.9 Red is the arera of devastation!

2.5.0 200 views update! Major Hurricane inclued! plus, more deaths for the more dangours hurricanes! AND you can change sesons with the press of the space bar!

2.5.2 Winds fixed

2.7.0 Press "A" to restart the game

2.8.1 updated sesons

(Sugest any more updates to me)

Notes and Credits

By me, made by me. But thanks to outher Hurricane sims for the background. The longest my Hurricane has lived is 94 seconds. If you can get to 99 scecond or more or if you get more than 1300 kills , you will get a love, a fave and a follow. 11/1/17 YESSSS! top loved and top faved! AND 200 VIEWS!

Thanks to @hoangkong4 for the background

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