Turrican II v1.3b

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TURRICAN II - Released in 1991 by Factor 5 on the Amiga. This is the first level, recreated in Scratch by @Griffpatch, graphics and sounds assets are from the original game.

Destroy all the enemies on your way through the level to find the exit and Complete the game! (Tip - shoot the transparent block to the far left of the level for powerups)

* Arrow Keys or WASD to run, jump and duck.
* Space repeatedly to Fire.
* HOLD SPACE for a second to rapid fire + use left & right to direct.
* Green Flag to start again after you die!
* [P] to pause (again to unpause)

Don't forget you can duck to shoot low down enemies. Don't rush into things... play a little cautious with the basic weapon. Shoot the jig-jagging spaceships to get power ups!

Just a warning - sorry if your score doesn't save... Scratch's cloud variables a very up and down at the moment and there's no way to detect if they are working or not when the game saves.

Change Log:
25 Mar 2018 - v1.3b - Added New Thumbnail

16 Sep 2017 - v1.2 - Added High Score View from front page and official 10 minute Time limit ( @youkaiwatch achieved a score of 1,015,500 by playing for 2 hours!!!) - Also added bonus score for beating boss and getting to the end of the level.
18 Sep 2017 - v1.3 - Corrected Enemy Spawn Locations
17 Sep 2017 - v1.2 - Added Pause [P]
16 Sep 2017 - v1.1 - Added the navigation arrows to help direct.
15 Sep 2017 - v1.0 - 1st Level done - move to @griffpatch account.
25 Aug 2017 - v0.6 - Added power up blocks
24 Aug 2017 - v0.5 - Level Test 0.5 Released on tutor account.

Original game released on the Commodore Amiga in 1991
Published by Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Developed by Factor 5

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