The Worthless Game

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is there any reason to continue? what worth does this game have anyway? you'd stop trying and realize, despite the barriers you've crossed, this really is the end. there was no point in this game, it has no worth, and you've finally figured it out.

why do people continue on, then, trying to pursue a certain ideal when they have literally all of the world against them? There are two answers. Either, they are fools, and, just like in this game, tried to continue chasing shadows, thinking they've gotten somewhere, but really, they've just dug themselves a hole that they can't get out of.

The other option is that the foolishness is only superficial. A humble man prepares himself to look like a fool if need be to accomplish the task of a higher goal. Perhaps his efforts seem futile, but are they? Maybe it's not so worthless after all.

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