Bouncing dog(s)

See inside

-Press space to warp the dog(s) to a random spot.
-Press A and D to change the direction of the dog(s).
-Press R to clone the dog(s).
-Press T to delete clones.
-Press Z to enable color changing on walls (Note: does not currently work).
-Press X to disable color changing on walls.
-Press 1, 2, 3, and 4 to manually change colors.
-Press C to enable rapid color changing for all dogs on-screen.
-Press V to disable rapid color changing.
-Press M and N to change dog size.
-Press Q and E to toggle hyperspeed for all dogs on-screen.
-Press F and G to toggle snail speed for all dogs on-screen.
-Press J and K to toggle movement for all dogs on-screen (Default is on).
-Press Y and U to toggle mouse following for all dogs on screen.
-Press P and L to toggle random movment for all dogs on screen.
-Press O to summon/clone temmie
-Click a temmie to make it disappear.
-Press I to make all dogs and temmies on-screen move to the left of the screen.
-Press S to summon human soul.
-Press arrows to move human soul.
-Press W to change background.
-Press B to find out how many times temmie has ever teleported.
*If temmie touches dog, it teleports.
*Using the soul feature is best experienced with 1 dog and 1 temmie.
*If the soul touches a dog, HP lowers by one.
*If the soul touches a temmie, the soul grows bigger, making it harder to dodge.
*Soul shrinks over time, making it easier to dodge.
*If soul shrinks below a certain size, its size gets slightly bigger than original size and a dog is cloned.

Notes and Credits

I have too much spare time. Yellow soul mode probably never going to be a thing since I stopped working on this project. I imagined that this project has remix potential a while ago.
-Credit to Toby Fox for making Undertale

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