The Sound of Music AMV

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The Sound of Music AMV

First of all, I know the sound quality is not so good. I literally took it from another project bc I don't own the music (yes I stoop that low :P XD) So I am sorry but I can't do anything about it :(

Anyways, this is an animation of the wonderful musical The Sound of Music!!
I started this animation just to practice some simple spinning (you know, how Maria turns in the beginning) after I watched The Sound of Music again with my family. Buut, that would mean the animation would end after "The hills are alive with the sound of music." and that would be IT! I thought that would be too short, and decided to take on the whole clip :)
I really hope you like it! Many hours of animating went into this, I think I spent something like 8-10 hours on it :P

Umm so yeah, I hope you enjoy it as much as I like the musical!

Other notes:
- The sound quality was SOOO HARD TO GET LIKE THIS MY GOODNESS! I first used some junky sound quality that sounded like crackling in the background, and then I found this ok ish quality and then I had to REPLACE ALL MY AUDIO and RETRIM all the sound clips!!
- The spinning animation took FOREVER!! I handdrew every single frame, no duplication at all.
- The main reason I made it longer was bc I get tired of people commenting "TOO SHORT!! MAKE IT LONGER!!" on my animation projects!! Jk, but lol that does happen a lot XD
- I love Maria in The Sound of Music! She is so happy and positive and is an actual ray of sunshine!

Music swiped from THIS PROJECT:
Music is originally from The Sound of Music
The main character in this animation is Maria played by Julie Andrews
Art and animation by me, @ExperienceSea
Font in the thumbnail is Amatic SC from Google Docs

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