Bouncy Heroes (v1.23)

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The bouncy heroes are back at doing what they do best... being bouncy? and smashing evil alien beings into oblivion.

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around, press down (or S) to slam towards the ground. Press "SPACE or UP" when holding left or right to execute a fast dash in that direction.

You can also use SPACE to quick start and return to menu, and skip the intro.
P to pause game

Notes and Credits

* New game! > *

> Let me know which character is your favourite!
> Challenge: Can you get the legend badge?
> Have an idea for a character? let me know what they are and what their ability would be below for the chance to have them added to the game!

- Game mechanics based of @AgentQuirt 's "Martian Mania" check it out here! >
- My 50th project!
- Intro song "LUUDE - Don't leave me"
- Game music by "wyver9" found at newgrounds
- Sound FX created with chiptone
- The title screen font can be downloaded at my website, the link is on my profile @theChAOTiC

All art by me
Check out my last game, Demon skies! >

Updates -
(1.22) 3/02/2017 - New troll character who provokes the enemy to attack, causing an increase in enemy presence! Which means faster combos, but more danger.

(1.21) 14/11/2017 - Removed Halloween theme,

(v1.2) 30/10/2017 - Added the Reaper character! Who has the ability to re-spawn once after death, and also has a defensive scythe attack! + Increased general coin gain. Thanks for playing! :D

(v1.16) 7/10/2017 - Started to add a Halloween theme, ill try and change more later!

(v1.15) 24/09/2017 - Added 2 new characters, the Royal King and the balloon loving Clown! + SPACE to skip intro feature + made Shapeshifter cheaper.

(v1.14) 19/09/2017 - Added 2 new characters, the Luchador wrestler and mysterious Shapeshifter!

(v1.134) 17/09/2017 - Fixed mummy revive bug when pressing space and character select bug. Added Pause screen overlay.

(v1.132) 16/09/2017 - Fixed bug that made the demon invincible.Fixed the no coin gain bug for leprechaun.Changed knights sword sprite slightly.

(v1.131) 15/09/2017 - Fixed leprechaun coin gain bug making way too much, tweaked character costs. Added the Mummy character, who can revive once per round! - Fixed bug where you could play as locked characters.

(v1.12) 14/09/2017 - Increased score required for all badge tiers. Added the Leprechaun character, who's ability increases coin gain by 50%! + bug fixes. Made 'slow fall' reduce falling a little less.

(v1.11) 13/09/2017 - Added all new unique character abilities! check them out! + Added end of game badges + Added a new toggle option 'FX' which will disable most effects in the game which should help those with slower computers play the game smoothly. Optimised costume and direction updates. Increased average coin gain.

(v1.01) 12/09/2017 - Added 3 new characters and fixed some small bugs. Made music slightly louder. Added combo pop-ups.

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