One Night With A;er [2.0] (2 point whoa)

remixed by Alzter
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Reed all 2 git gud m8y!
Hold Space and click Start to skip the Intro.

A;er and N;cc: They move from room to room. When they come into your room, put the camera down and they will go away. They sometimes appear on their scooters on screen. If they do, click them to make them go away.

Altzer 1 (Has blue hair):
Altzer 1 resides in room 7, and occasionally leaves. 15 seconds after he leaves the room, he will scream. When he does, make sure your camera is up.

Altzer 2:
Altzer 2 resides in Room 9. He occasionally moves out to get you. When he is not on any camera, he will be coming for you. When he is, you will see a picture in your office with his face on it with the text "Altzer is coming!". Click it to stop him in his tracks.

He stays in Room 8. In Room 8, he has a hunger meter that depletes. To replenish it, put your mouse over it. If his hunger fully depletes, he'll eat you!

OP Blop: He hides out of sight. Can sometimes be spotted in Room 4. He taunts the player every so often in his Heavy like voice. Every third time he taunts you, make sure your camera is down.

OP Bashu: Appears in random places. If he's in your office, click him.

CEEEE: Sometimes comes up to say hello. If he does, type "hello" back. Don't tell him to go away!

Russ: Occasionally appears and shoots a lazer beam. If he does, move your mouse in the opposite direction of the beam. (E.g. If he charges it on the left side, move your mouse right.)

Akepoo: Also is very hidden, only sometimes appearing in Rooms 3 and 6. Sometimes he will glitch the game. When he does, type "akepoo".

xSans123x: Goes around spreading his obnoxious midi in Rooms 1-9.

Notes and Credits (added by Alzter)

Credits: @ChaseSmith915 , @Bloplol07 , @MysteryHex , @Emily_sonic_tails_4 , @PointyEyewear , @Raimu8 , @Skepou , @steamingsheep , @TheVexed , @kkf64 , & @UltraL14M .
Tell me if I missed anybody!
Change log: (Read these to know everything that's been changed!)

Update 3:
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger starts at 30000
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger depletes even faster.

Update 2:
- Most of the chars go faster the longer the night goes.
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger starts at 100000,
but depletes faster.
- Added Visual Cues to Altzer 1 and OP Blop's attacks.

Update 1:

- Added Room 9, with xSans123x and the other Altzer in there.
- Added a chance that something cool happens at the start cutscene.
- Added the new chars from ONWA 2 >:}

Various fixes and modifications:
- A LOT of balance modifications. Nerfing, Buffing, and the like.
- Mixed up the jumpscares, sometimes they are different >:]
- The Ponk and Gren rooms are now in the right direction.
- The Ponk room has a door to Room 9 now.
- Altzer 1 is now a sprite in room 7, no longer being part of the room.
- Altzer 1 now has a different screech when coming for you.
- No Stage3D due to pixelate effect block being removed.
- The Screen Glitch animation is a bit more glitchy looking.
- Akepoo's theme when the screen glitches sounds more glitchy.
- Modified the chance that Akepoo glitches the game.
- Most of the chars won't attack simultaneously.
- A;er now has soopr sanic sped >:}
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger depletes faster.
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger regenerates at half speed.
- OOLTOREELWINFORIMM's Hunger caps at 100000.
- A;er and N;cc go on their scooters a lot more often.
- Changed all (or most) instances of N;k to N;cc.
- Changed OP Blop's Taunts to have no background music.

Tell me if a glitch occurs!

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