Aria for the Eevee Coloring Contest~my entry

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i am having a new coloring contest since only 2 entered the last time. Please enter and no stealing my lineart please because it took forever. i can't wait to see your entries! :D


It took me FOREVER to put in the right scripts for the sparkles. Credit to ninetails8 for helping me with the shading on the Eevee. I did the ball in Photoshop. Everything else is Scratch-made. Also, credit to rop for the song. I believe it's from her coloring contest?

It's hard to see the details on the wing through the ball, but just to tell you, there's white swirls on them.

It's amazing how you can find inspiration among everyday things. ninetails8 made me give credit to all the things I was inspired by, so here they are. Credit to My Little Pony for the rainbow waterfall idea (my little brother was watching it today), my Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire for the ball shrinking into little sparkly balls (I was playing my HG game a little earlier), the move Gyro Ball for the sparkly ball, and Angel in the Night (which is the song I used) for the halo and wings.

Satisfied now, ninetails8?

Annnnd...don't steal ANYTHING. Except for the music, maybe.

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