Maze Generator (Recursive Backtracking Algorithm)

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This program uses the "recursive backtracking algorithm" for generating a maze. A description of this algorithm can be found here:

After the maze is done, use the arrow keys to move the cat to the cheesy puffs. To make maze generation faster, shift-click the green flag to enable turbo mode. After the maze is done, shift-click the green flag again to turn off turbo mode so you can walk around the maze. (You can also set the BACKTRACK DELAY variable in the code to 0 to make the maze-making faster.)

Notes and Credits

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The algorithm is pretty simple:
1) Randomly move around to cells you haven't visited before.
2) When you reach a dead end, backtrack until you get next to a cell you haven't visited before. Keep moving in that direction.
3) If you've backtracked all the way to the start, you're done.

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