Yoohou - Final Feline

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Use the arrow keys to move around.
Hold the Z key to shoot. You will glow red when shooting manually.
Hold the X key to strafe. This will force you to always face in the same direction no matter which way you go until you let go of X. I recommend you make this button your best friend, because it will make the game significantly easier.
Press the A key to toggle automatic shooting if you don't want to hold down the Z key all the time. Press it again to turn auto-fire off. While auto-firing you will glow blue.
Hold the S key to move slowly for more precise dodging. I only added this feature just recently, so it's not really a necessity but it might make some parts easier for you.

- You move faster when you're not shooting.
- All enemies have their own attack patterns. You'll need to memorize them or else you won't be successful.
- Touching the enemy will hurt you, even if they are already being defeated.
- Some projectiles will not harm you if you are on the edge of the screen.
- Practice, practice, practice. There's no way you'll win on your first several tries unless you know how to deal with what's ahead.

Notes and Credits

Ah, finally my first true game made in Scratch 2.0! I've really been taking advantage of vector graphics, cloning and custom blocks in this one. It took me weeks to get the gameplay part done, more weeks to successfully beat it during testing and even more weeks to figure out why I was having trouble uploading it, but it's all paid off. I finally have a new project and my long hiatus is over for now.

Alright, so you are the black round ball with the yellow face, named Yoo. A giant floating cat head is attacking you for no reason, and your only defense is the power to shoot infinite bullets. But be warned; it will not be easy! This is probably the most difficult game I have ever made so far. You only get 10 hit points (Indicated by the circle in the upper left corner) throughout the entire game, and there's no way to get them back without restarting.
The first person to show me a video of them legitimately beating the game (You'll know you've won when it says "THE END") will be immortalized in this project's description, and in one of my next big projects too. Good luck. ;)

Warning: Playing on a slow computer is not recommended. If the game lags it will affect the gameplay by altering the timing, making it more difficult and maybe even impossible.

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