Quest For Fenrir

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Story: As a royal knight, you are on a quest to defeat the evil monster known as Fenrir. You must travel through each demensional portal until you find Fenrir and defeat him.

Spending Points: When you click the green flag, you start with two points and gain additional points as you progress through the world. Press 1 to access the stat menu to spend points on strength, dexterity, or wisdom.

Attacking: Press the space bar to swing your sword. While attacking however, you can't move and you must release the space bar to attck or move again. Your strength governs how much damage you do.

Moving: Use the arrow keys to move arround. Your dexterity governs your speed.

Healing: Press the number 2 key to access the potion menu to use a small, medium, or large healing potion. You find these on enemies and gain more health the higher your wisdom is.

Interaction: You can click things to learn about them.

Bats: Bats will fly at you in some levels and bite at your head. To get rid of them rapidly key B.

Musical Volume: Is the background music bugging you? If so press the V key to increase the volume by five percent (5%) or press the 0 key to mute it completely. A number displaying the volume will appear when you key V.

Additional Information: Press space to cycle through the text starting the game.

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