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Such an ominous word in the Scratch world, don't you think? xD
So let me just start out by saying that I am NOT taking a hiatus, quitting Sun Rising, or leaving Scratch. On the contrary, I'm still quite in love with Scratch, and I'm more excited about Sun Rising than ever! :D However, a good friend pointed out to me that it would be more fair to both me and you guys to let you know about some things that are going on in my life right now. :-) So, without further ado...

Aɳ ƲƿɗɑՇɛ σɳ ℂƘ's L¡ƒɛ :D
First of all, as some of you may well know, by the Grace of God, I started my freshmen year of college at an absolutely amazing Bible school almost two weeks ago. So I am now a full-time student living on campus. :-) Second, the busyness of my new life, even though it is totally amazing, has taken its toll on my health since I already struggle with a chronic illness. Why am I telling you this? Here are three important reasons:

1. To prevent any misunderstandings. :-) I have absolutely no intention of quitting Scratch OR Sun Rising. I definitely don't have quite as much time as I used to, but Sun Rising is definitely still going strong. :D

2. To help you understand why I am moving like a snail through Voice Auditions. :D

3. To communicate better with you guys about how things are going to work from now on. :-)

In the past, I have worked hard to answer almost every comment on my profile and projects. However, I am beginning to realize that this may not be feasible in the future, so if I don't answer you right away or at all, please be patient and gracious with me. :-)

Also, for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the results of the Sun Rising Voice Auditions:

God bless you guys! <33 Thanks so much for all of your patience and kindness as I work through this new chapter in my life. However, just so you know, I am less active on Scratch (socially) right now because I am working hard almost every day sorting through the auditions very carefully. Some days I have an hour or two, most days I have a half an hour, and many days I have no time at all for Scratch, so that's why it's taking me so long. :-) However, I know the feeling of auditioning for something and wanting to know the results right away, so I promise I'll do my best to wrap things up as quickly as possible. As of today (Sept. 6, 2017) callbacks have NOT started. But to keep you all updated, I am going to put a "Status" section in the What I'm Working On section on my profile to let you know what I worked on for Sun Rising that day. :-) So when callbacks are out, I'll change the status accordingly.

To my loyal friends and aquaintences:

Thanks so much for standing by me in my time of need. :-) I know a lot of people might have just assumed I was quitting Scratch, but you guys encouraged me even when I couldn't always write back. And that means so much to me. :-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

To all:
I hope you all know that you're always free to drop a message on my profile. :-) Even though I might not be able to answer it, I always appreciate it. :-)

Once again, thank you all very much, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! <33 :-)

God bless, and AGAPE on <3

Also, thanks to @cra665 for being the one who suggested I make this project. :-) You're awesome, friend! :D

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