Happy Halloween ~ MAP Part 4

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Hi y'all! It's j7 here with another MAP part!
I had so much fun doing this and want to thank PK for letting me be part of this! The finished MAP is going to be so AMAZING! The part has three sprites which are named part 4-a, part 4-b and part 4-c ! Yeah, so I hope y'all like it and PK, if there is anything I need to add or change, please let me know! Thanks! j7 !!!

Here are the lyrics (thanks for helping me PK ;D):
It's a Happy Halloween
Play tricks all night
Long Ding dong dong
Here they're all around the square
Hide the candy if you dare!

Note to PK:
So all of part 4 are in the three sprites named part 4-a, part 4-b and part 4-c and the sprite that says "delete" just has some of my sketches and plans for the appearance of the OCs :D

Notes and Credits (added by jd76)

Ok, so the one dressed up as Tris Prior (Divergent series) is @ScarletAsh25888 ! The one dressed up as Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) is @TheLoneWoof ! The one dressed up as a witch is the AMAZING @PurpleKitten22 ! Credit to @ScarletAsh25888 , @TheLoneWoof , and @PurpleKitten22 for letting me use their OCs here! The one dressed up as Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series) is d6. Finally, the one dressed up as Diana (Wonder Woman) is meeeee (j7)! All art is by me (j7) but the OCs of Scarlet, Claw and PK are all by the respective Scratchers and I do not own their OCs. Thanks soooo much to the awesome PK for letting me be a part of this MAP!!! I had so much fun doing this!
Song: Happy Halloween

Boo! I made a little Halloween themed icon exclusively for this MAP!

It took a while to plan and then draw the art for the people and finally put it all together so this took me a few hours XP
Ahhhh and it is FINALLY DONE!!! It took me forever to perfect the timing of the candy :P
Originally I wanted the candy to go over their heads and then for all 5 to stick their heads out of the pile :P ... clearly it didn't work because of the timing but I still like it this way XP

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