❤Warrior Cats Game - Cats Of The Wild - V 1.2 ❤

See inside

Arrow keys to move around
Graphics are very bad :I
Only do the first part of your name
To remix please give credit. this is going to take forever
But I'm still doing it no matter what.
Please tell me what I could add
I won't be updating as often. Due to that my time is getting full
OMG 71 views?!! OMG!! Thx so much you guys! You mean a lot to me! Idk how to thank you all! :D Also plz love and favorite so I can make this my top favorited!
Plz tell me any bugs :D



Update: V 0.3!

Update V 0.4!

Update V 0.5!

Update V 0.6

Update V 0.7 - Music (I'm going to tell you what I add from now on)

Update V 0.8 Gender Knower

Update V 0.9 Added Legs To Mom

Update V 1.0 Made Kit Timing Shorter

Update V 1.1 Fixed Things Up

Update V 1.1.1 I Can't Remember

Update V 1.1.2 Added More To Leader, Not Finished, Fixed Mom 2

Update V 1.1.3 Added So You May Make Incorrect 6 Times

Update V 1.1.4 Added Thumbnail

Update V 1.2 Added Blinking + Finished Leader.. And NAMED LEADER AND MOTHER


Notes and Credits

Credit to Warrior Cats for being there
Credit to my dad for teaching me to program
Credit to my mom for looking
NOT credit to my sister because she did not even care
she instead kept starring at her at her iPad :I
Credit to Erin Hunter for making Warriors

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