Blocky Cat 2

See inside
Notes and Credits

Okay here is the second blocky cat :)
It's my 500 follower special! :D Thanks everyone! That 498 more that I thought I would get ( 1 follow for each of my other accounts :P)
You found gobo! But wait? Where's Pico? Go save him too!
The instructions are the same.
Use the arrow keys to move avoid lava!
This time, you can also fall (the black) and swim! (Blue)
Save Pico! (Yes he looks a little weird)
I made this due to high demand...
If you enjoyed, please love and favorite!
Thanks once again for the 500 followers!
I will not be making a blocky cat 3. (any time soon)
This is pretty much just extra levels... Nothing is very different except some art.
If you want to contact me or anything comment on my profile not here :)
All art and coding was done by me.
Music is by Vexento!
Sound files by me and @TheChAOTiC!

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