ₑCₕₒ ₘₑₘₑ {ₒᵣᵢgᵢₙₐₗ}

See inside

Well this took forever :> but i love it so much and it MAY not but much more than flashing images but that is what i love about it :>
So here we go:
Original Creator Dₒₙ'ₜ ₗᵢₛₜₑₙ ₜₒ ₕₑᵣ: @BlueAuraWolf
Remix ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ Meme: @
ᵢ'ₘ ₜᵣₐₚₚₑd Art By: @BlueAuraWolf
Music By: Gumi ᵢₜ'ₛ ₙₒᵥₐ
ₛₕₑ wₐₙₜₛ ₘₑ gₒₙₑ
ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ
Time spent: 6 1/2 days
Oc "Parts" used:
Fireblitz: @Fluttershy_art_pony
Ren @Tragedy-
Nova (XD) @Napkins-
Minty @BlueAuraWolf

Notes and Credits

Nova's been missing for awhile but i think we found her
*Btw feel free to remix or do what ever with this (OTHER THAN TAKE NOVA, NOVA IS MY CHILD)*
Phase: Final
Stage: Caught within the glitch

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