Super Mario World!

remixed by Ianlittle
See inside

Check out my super mario bros 3 engine

The hitboxes suck on this, I know.

Notes and Credits (added by Ianlittle)

NOTE: This is an old buggy project.
Thanks to brad games and griffpatch.. 200th love by Brad-Games!
What the community is loving!- 9/18/17
What the community is remixing- 9/21/17
Sep.26 2017- Koopas added and bug fixes. Thanks
to @badquality for helping on somethings.
This is not complete. This a work in progress
Oct 19 2017- Pipe changed to Super Mario world pipe, Bug fixes.
Nov 11 2017- Improved sensors, you should no longer get killed
when you jump on a koopa. If you do just tell me.
Nov 14 2017- Yeah, sensors are still bad I'm trying to find a way to
fix it. Made a few changes but not much.

To prevent a glitch that happens sometimes, you may want to press green flag when you die. I will try to fix the glitch.
BTW thanks SO much for 40k views!

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