How To Animate Stick Figures | Tutorial [Reuploaded]

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Notes and Credits

Based off of: Shadow Fight 2
Song - @Mysterious15
Stick Figure: @mikpik
Art: @PhatDudeProductions
Code: @PhatDudeProductions
[Music: Warriors by Imagine Dragons]

FEATURED ~ 9/14/17
1,000 LOVES ~ 9/16/17

I've been getting lots of comments saying if I am the Alan Becker. I am NOT ALAN BECKER. He's a cool dude, but I'm not as cool as him

This is a 10 Frame Slideshow featuring the ways of the Stick Figures.
It tells you the correct ways of building a stick figure, animating, etc.

I just felt like sharing my ways of animating can inspire people to pass on the art and knowledge of animation :)

All sprites are free to use. If the sprites are directly stripped from the project, give some credit. At least mention my name if you use it.

Ahh, finally done. Took a day and a half to finish. The featured project will be coming out next. I will be calling it, Demolition. Only because it sounds cool.

I think animating is done for the rest of summer. School is starting, and I gotta get prepared.

Shout out to @All-starian for kinda requesting me to make a tutorial. He/she didn't really tell me to do it but eh. Too late.

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The steak thing was proven wrong when I saw that @Acornlight had just posted a stick figure cooking steak on some yellow grass :P

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