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No more questions please! I will make this soon!

So I've decided to do a Q&A. In the comments, I want you to ask me a few questions. If the question is too personal, then I won't answer it. Once I have enough questions, I will make a new project with the questions asked and my answers. So start asking away!

Notes and Credits

-Do you have any siblings? By @ilovehamsters
-Why is your username 1861192? By @ilovehamsters and @Ap0calypse_HERO
-Do you have any pets? By @razzberrypi
-What is your battery power right now? By @64felicity
-What's your favorite book? By @sugarmint
-How many languages can you count to 10 in? By @ScarletAsh25888
-Do you like oreos dipped in orange juice? By @PinkToesOfficial
-What is your favorite color? By @NyanPika
-Do you like Scratch? By @KittyKat1099
-Do you like being on the computer? By @Maxlerian
-What's your favorite TV show? By @SparkleFilm
-Do you like dogs or cats better? By @pyschowinter_mytRoo2
-What is your favorite number? By @SCRATCHMATCHER123
-What is your favorite project you've ever made? By @IndigoShark
-Do you like bread? By @FNaFFGames

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