The Big Mac Quest - TRAILER

remixed by FriendlyTV
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~~Important Notices~~
And please don't report this project for being "violent." The guy missed when he made those two shots and when he attempted to fly-kick the guard.

Notes and Credits (added by FriendlyTV)

I'd trigger you and tell you that this is the reason why the judging has been delayed by one day, but... Oh wait, I just told you. lol
Google, Youtube (for lots of da music), Macdonald's (No duh, sherlock), Star Wars, Trump, LLAMAS!!!, and Me for all the animating and characters.
If you're confused, this is a bunch of irony. lol. Macdonald's ain't no real food. It is practically the garbage on the plate (irony #1). Also, Macdonald food isn't hard to obtain (irony #2)

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