Formigas (labyrinth atari game)

by Cawas
See inside

Get out off the labyrinth before the dumb ants!

Use the ARROW KEYS to move and SPACE BAR to PAUSE or start a new level (when the current one finishes).

The game will get easier as you lose or harder as you win. What's the highest difficulty you can get? It's mostly about luck, but I got to 85. Brag on the comments!

Notes and Credits

Inspired by (mostly copied from) old atari game, Labyrinth.

Here's a video reference (hope it's not broken)

The original had no computer to play against, though.

If you want to, there are some settings you can tweak by "Seeing inside" and looking / clicking at the *Stage* on the left corner.

The ants are purposely not all that smart. They have basically 2 intelligence levels. In the first, it just goes random whenever it finds a choice. In the second, it remembers when it found a dead end and will not go in again. If there is more than 1 ant, they're all on the 2nd mode.


- Feb 2014
Trying to figure out why I can't use cloud lists, to add some cloud "score board" to it, showing who got highest difficulty levels per day, per month, etc! :(

- Jun 2015
Seriously started considering improving A.I. here, eventually. Who knows, maybe in a year or so! If you liked this, do check on my site for updates. ;P

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