Super Mario World Physics

See inside

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump, space to do a spin jump and shift^ or X key to dash.
And yes, I know you can double jump. ;)
Thanks to @goldfish678 for finding some small Mario spin jump sprites!
Also, some of the sprites for this were from @-SuperNintendo-'s SMW level designer game. I highly recommend you check that out. It's amazing and under viewed and deserves many more loves!

Notes and Credits

What dat community is lovin'.

Well, I made a Super Mario World physics test. I think it's pretty good, I guess.
Well, since most of you have already seen this, why not check out my latest project? It's a 3D Paper Mario Engine!


ALSO, you cannot win this game. It's just a physics test. Oh, and hey, if you want to use this, go right ahead. I don't plan to use it for anything. But please credit me for it. Also, credit @griffpatch. I used part of his platforming engine for Mario, the Galoomba and the mushroom. Don't forget to love and favorite!

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