⚠ ︎The Floor Is LAVA! ⚠︎

See inside


Jump on the grey blocks falling from the sky to avoid the floor! The blocks will melt into to lava after a couple of secs so be careful! Also avoid getting smashed by the falling boulders! Try to stay alive as long as you can!

If your lagging Press L to clear the effects <----------------------------!!!

Curated by @EveningWaves Thanks soooo much!!! Go follow them!!

Notes and Credits

Coding - Me, but credit to @BarkingDuck for help with the sensing falling blocks sprite! Go check them out!

Art - Made by me in inkscape

Music - Sayonara Maxwell's remix of Megalovania (Love that song)

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SHOUTOUTS!! - @rogue07 @Firestar543 @PEOPLEMINION and @hp4
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Ik this game is really buggy...

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