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Wow, I really dragged my feet with this one, I worked on it all day today though. I actually got a job this summer as an apprentice for an electrical company, which took up a lot of time and I've really taken an interest in art and animation. So here it is, I didn't want to rush this one and I hope it's well worth it. I want to get back into the cycle of creating these again, I of course can't create them weekly with this quality. I start high school next week *insert sarcastic yay here* so I won't be any faster than I was with work this summer. But I think I want to do Mac OS X Rhapsody as my next OS simulation and then Windows Longhorn 4051 as suggested by @-LAS- so please also send me suggestions for operating systems you want to see. Also I decided I want to hide an easter egg in each operating system, this one is not at all obvious so you might need to do a bit of script digging, but please leave a comment if you think you've found the easter egg. Anyway on to what Neptune was, Neptune was an unreleased version of Windows that actually had one leaked build from 1999 called build 5111. Windows Neptune was intended to be the first consumer version of Windows NT, a home edition of Windows for Windows 2000. The project was dropped along with the also unreleased Windows Odyssey team to work together on Windows Whistler. Features such as Neptune's login screen did appear in Whistler, as well as possibly pieces from Windows Odyssey, which we can never know because no builds of Odyssey were ever leaked to the public. Whistler later became Windows XP, so though Netpune and Odyssey never did become their own operating systems like Microsoft intended, bit and pieces were for sure merged from these operating systems. In an early development road map of Neptune for the years 1998 to 2001 Neptune was shown to have five service packs released, and that another version of Windows would be released after Neptune called Triton, which was described to have user interface changes that very well could have been Whistler's water color theme, or XP's luna theme.

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