The Missing Grand Chao ~ Grand 7

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Sinking into the mattrass of the collassal human bed, as if she was sitting on the Mother Human's bed in "Goldilocks the Squirrel and the Three Humans", she looked around with her glowing green eyes, shivering with the fear of darkness inside of her.

At her right, Blaze was snoring pleasantly while being tucked in the bedsheets, golden as the legendary Golden Chaos Emerald. Farther to her left, Shadow and Silver were sound asleep as flowers in the wintertime. Rouge slept on the floor in her sleeping bag, while Sunset yawned on a table.

The red fox turned to her clock. It read, "6:27 AM."

"Chaosdangit!" she cried. "I woke up early in the morning." She, reaching onto the nightstand, grabbed her pink-cased phone and surfed the web on it.

An hour flew by.

Floee was looking up dating advice when Blaze opened her eyes. She turned and stared at the fox, with her pupils narrowed.

"Floee, what are you doing?" she yowled.

"Uhhh..." Floee turned off and put her phone back onto the nightstand.

Blaze rolled her eyes and gazed at her dark-hearted sweetheart, purring. Suddenly, Shadow's eyes opened and he started wiggling, as if he was being mauled by a bear.

"What is it, sweetie?" Blaze mewed.

Shadow panted, "I jumped into a random pond during a happy camping trip, and then a crocodile chomped onto my torso.

The lilac cat chuckled at Shadow's darkly humorous dream.

Silver woke up and yawned for more than 5 seconds. After several blinks, he sat up, "Y'all are awake?"

"Yep," Floee squealed.

Rouge and Sunset opened their shutters too.

After changing to daywear and brushing teeth, Team Emerald left their hotel room (the furniture were quite big for them, but they made it with the help of stools and stuff) and took the elevator to the breakfast room.

After feasting on waffles, maple syrup, apple juice, and Greek yogurt, they went back up again and stuffed their belongings in their bags. Silver and Floee watched a little bit of JBO (in the TV-14 category, of course), while the others dusted off the bedsheets and pillows and made sure that nothing was left behind.

Down at the first floor, while Shadow checked out, the rest of Team Emerald discussed their predictions of what they'll trek through next.

"We'll have to keep moving on," Blaze uttered, "which means we'll enter what's known as the 'Wild Side'."

"'The Wild Side'?" Floee barked. "You mean the Rocky Mountains and the deep South? We've already crossed through the Bronze Desert region, where I was born."

"Yes," she mewed. "Never fear, despite cougars and bears, waiting for yummy Mobians to eat up, you have superpowers to defend yourself. There will be friendly humans and Mobians to help you."

"Why the 'cougar and bears' part?" Silver sighed. "And Blaze, you've never been in that area."

Floee looked over at the brochures shelf, 'We're still in the Bronze Desert region, just near its edge."

"Now more of sweating a soaking."

"No, no, there won't be any more desert, just more forest."

"What a relief," Silver cooed.

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