3d Maze v0.12

See inside

Project development now branched into new FPS game here:
Controls WASD to move, Arrow Keys to look around
Space to jump C to crouch

This is a 3d raycaster project (the map is randomly generated with each press of the green flag). There's no point to the game yet and the space marine you see is just copying what you do a few seconds before. If the project stutters when pressing keys read on:
*** Keyboard stutter? *** This is often because you are using google chrome on a windows PC. Chrome has it's own flash player called pepper flash. You can however use adobe's flash player instead which does not suffer from keyboard lag. To do this:

1 - Install adobe flash player (from adobe's website).
2 - From within chrome, go to the plugins page by entering
chrome://plugins/ in to the address bar.
3 - If the little details plus button (to the far right) is not pressed,
then press it to see ALL plugins.
4 - There should be two Shockwave Flash plugins listed, click to
disable the top one called pepflashplayer.dll. Now close chrome
and try the project again :)

Notes and Credits

10 Feb 2014 - v0.12 - Swapped the white orb for a Space Marine from
the classic Doom game.
8 Feb 2014 - v0.11 - Experimenting with how to draw other players...
In this version a white orb will follow your actions
a few seconds behind you...
7 Feb 2014 - v0.10b - More bug fixes (rendering glitch+slow down)
7 Feb 2014 - v0.10 - BUG FIXES (Lift generation was borked)
+ Added collision box for player + Player stays
crouched until there is room to stand. + Added
stair runs to level gen.
6 Feb 2014 - v0.9 - Changes to map gen + added lift generation.
4 Feb 2014 - v0.8 - You now have height and can crouch + more
improvements in speed - Yay!
4 Feb 2014 - v0.7 - All new 3d ray collision engine, faster + no more
wall warping :) - New maze generator :)
3 Feb 2014 - v0.6 - Change in direction, I've switched to a pre-lit world
rather than a dynamically lit one. This allowed me
improve the look up and look down, and make the
maps more interesting :) - Added smooth step up.
2 Feb 2014 - v0.5 - Added Resolution slider and option to look up
and down (cursor keys up and down)
2 Feb 2014 - v0.4b - Bug fixes + better view of moving platforms...
1 Feb 2014 - v0.4 - Bet you haven't seen this done before :) - Yay!
Transition to 3d world with height!
v0.2 - Added cursor keys to look around and
acceleration to spin and movement.
v0.1 - Reworked scan line ray casting to use better
math :)

Credit to @DadOfMrLog for the color scripts to convert HSL to RGB
The Space Marine is from the classic Doom game by ID software

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