Pixel Jump Ultimate (v2.21)

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How far can you get in this highly addictive pixel jumping game? Collect power ups, smash enemies, complete missions, earn medals, unlock tons of characters and compete with other players for dominance on the leader-boards!

Move with the LEFT and RIGHT arrows (or the A and D keys).
Pause with SPACE or P (Pausing also displays current missions)
Press M to mute (or click the mute icon)

What's your favourite character or map? what's the best thing you got from a mystery box? Let me know in the comments!

Notes and Credits

- Character art style inspired by @RememberNovember
- Music from Newgrounds by capsule69
- Encoding/decoding scripts by @Ante22
- Inspired by Doodle Jump
Check out my new game! - http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/21932615/

24/3/2015 - 40,000 views! Thanks for playing everyone!! :D
20/6/2015 - 50,000 views!! Wow :D New content added!
28/11/2015 - 60,000 VIEWS! Huge content update! See below for more!
5/01/2016 - 70K Views! Here's an update :)
13/02/2016 - 80K! Updated!
3/08/2016 - 100K! New update!

Thanks for viewing! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

Change log:
4/03/2017 - Added 5 more characters!

17/09/2016 - v2.0! Added settings tab, with saving and other features! + heaps of little tweaks.

3/08/2016 - New map and 9 characters + divisions!

27/03/2016 - New Easter character!

13/02/2016 - Character pack! 10 new characters added!

5/01/2016 - 1.5 Update!
- 18 New characters!
- Mystery crate feature that gives you random rewards and characters!
-You can now scroll with the scroll wheel when viewing the characters, making it much faster to choose your favourite character!
(use full screen for this!)
-New medal costumes, and character descriptor!
-New mission!
-Bug fixes and tweaks!

5/12/2015 - Small tweaks, added medal names, and a search feature to the leader boards (press F when viewing) type 'me' to jump to your rank if you are on the leader board, or search another username.

28/11/2015 - Pixel jump ULTIMATE is here, and with it comes a ton of new stuff and fixes!

- Rewrote almost all scripts for improved efficiency and control.
- Improved collision, it just works!
- You can now pause the game!
- A massive 11 new characters, and 3 new maps!!
- 2 new power-ups!
- New Missions for you to complete to earn bonus coins!
- New random character option!
- Recreated heaps of art to make it even prettier!
- Redesigned UI to reduce clutter!
- Global leader boards to compete with other players worldwide!
- heaps of fixes, tweaks and optimizations!!

29/09/2015 - rebalanced medal score requirement, and added a new medal!

8/11/2015 - Slight changes to UI and other elements, score display is now centred and only shows necessary digits.

28/09/2015 - HUGE expansion, 13 new characters have been added to the game! Including some well known favourites!

20/06/2015 - Added 5 new characters (now have 32 characters in total!) re-designed medal graphics, Tweaked some animation stuff + changed thumbnail :D Thanks for 50K!

22/05/2015 - Added a new map!!

29/01/2015 - Yay! New update!! Added 4 NEW characters for you to purchase in the shop, there are some good characters in there :) Also added a new money pick-up to help you out with the new characters. The chances of them spawning are low, and gradually increase over the run.

30/08/2014 - Added in 2 new characters that can be purchased with coins! (also added a coins counter, which is in the top left) Bronze coins give you 10 'credit' , there are only bronze coins at the moment but more are likely to come.

12/08/2014 - Ermagerdd!! Coins are here! Not much use at the moment (except for some extra score when you get them) but there are sure to be some more characters coming soon. More changes below:
-Faster character switch animation (much faster now).
-Quicker tutorial intro, makes it easier for veterans to get back in!
-You can now jump on enemies to take them out and gain a small speed boost!
-New , ultra-hard to obtain, medal ;)

1/08/2014 - When you collect a '2x' power-up now, you will be launched into the air, instead of falling through it :D + new character!

6/06/2014 - Added 4 new characters! (20 total now) Only one needs to unlocked, the others are ready to be used! Also changed the way the character moves around the screen, looks a lot better now I think :)

7/05/2014 - Introduced an intro ;)

6/05/2014 - Improved tutorial, made UI smoother.

5/05/2014 - Fixed a script that unintentionally reset the game :/
(my bad)

30/04/2014- Another character :)

28/04/2014- 3 NEW characters to unlock! + minor changes.

15/04/2014- More tweaks

- New map, art, font, clearer unlocked text

13/04/2014- Changed player speed ,adjusted platform and power up spawn rate slightly, added a new power up, doubled point speed.

12/04/2014- new map!

10/04/2014- Changed the size of the character previews and the jet pack pick-up slightly.

23/03/2014- new map!

11/03/2014- 2 new characters, character display, no more deaths when going really fast.

3/03/2014- Added a mute button

26/02/2014- Changed medal graphics, new medal to unlock, defeat able enemies, 3 new characters, New thumbnail + a power up!

25/02/2014- Added enemies!

24/02/2014- new platform type, the vertical elevator! +2 characters.

22/02/2014- SPACE/R to restart. +2 characters.

20/02/2014- Released! cloud support, ability to change character

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