Steve's Adventure Part 1

See inside

Part 2:

This game works best on Firefox.

For everyone that helped me out with this:

Arrow keys to move.
Space to use your equipped item.
Click on characters to talk to them.
Q to open and close inventory.

Notes and Credits

Credit to @cobraguy for the movement scripts.

Update Notes:
*28/1/14: Preview released.
*29/1/14: Slight graphic alterations. Added inventry. Added instructions. Added @DonoPik, @computerboy101 and @JJFABBY's character.
*30/1/14: Added DonoPik's dagger collection :D.
*31/1/14: Not much today cos I was working on RS2.
*1/2/14: Added all requested characters and three new backdrops.
*2/2/14: Added a bow :D (and an arrow). Characters now respond to attacks.
*3/2/14: Added a wand :D (with one spell). Added the park and lots of new characters to go in the park.
*4/2/14: Added demon slimes. Added Steve's brother. Added more locations and characters.
*5/2/14: Added ucantbeme and an option to skip the intro. Steve can now die (sorry Steve).
*15/2/14: Finished Part 1 and fixed A LOT of glitches. Part 2 will hopefully be coming out soon... (part 2 is now out - link in Instructions).

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