FNAS: New Lo¢@tion

remixed by CaiqueTen
See inside

Put on the mask to make him go away
Watch over the skeletronic in the tunnel
Click anywhere to shine your light
Survive for as long as you can
Press flag twice
Hey everyone! who tought FNAS would be gone forever is wrong! heres the new game! enjoy! if remix,give credit to me and TheFinalGod! Cya!
oh! and theres a "secret" so,whos the character? well,you all will know...but only...heheheh...ON MY ANIMATION! ill make one! showing how the character is and how he got on this New Lo¢ @tion! called...!!!!!!!...SANS LABS PIZZA!

Notes and Credits (added by CaiqueTen)

thanks TheFinalGod

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