Virtual Solar Eclipse [Pen]

by 7Snails
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Move your mouse around and simulate blocking the Sun's light!

Notes and Credits

On Monday, August 21st the US will experience the first total solar eclipse in 37 years.

NOTE: Do not look directly at the sun! This can cause permanent eye damage! If you are going to look at the eclipse, make sure to wear the right kind of glasses.

This project is not 100% accurate. The visuals are only used to help give an understanding about whats happening. They are not to scale.

What is a solar eclipse?:
A solar eclipse is when the sun, moon, and earth all line up. The moon blocks light from the sun and casts a shadow on Earth. A solar eclipse can only happen at New Moon.
If you live anywhere in the United States, you will at least see a partial solar eclipse.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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